#2 linked with wget if available


Pretty much similar to GRustibus how you can give a URL
such as http://domain.com/directory/%s and it will
download samples, roms, artwork, snaps, etc.

Except using wget directly rather than rely on
something like GTM which hasn't been updated in a while.

This would be a great feature for this great program.
I have never used mame32 so I don't know if this
feature is available or not, but you should try to look
outside the square, and not make an exact clone, but
something of similar look and feel, but with similar or
more features. Maybe mame32 would look at this project
and base some new features off this project.


  • Stéphane Pontier

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    I don't dont think I'll put this feature in GXMame
    Its not that I dont want to make an exact clone of mame32,
    FYI this feature is not available on the original mame32,
    the next release will support multiple executable wich is
    another feature not in mame32, and I began to think about
    supporting Xmess.
    but I think this feature will more suit to a rom/file
    manager program like ClrMamePro or Rom Center, its another
    project only at a planning state for the moment.

  • Stéphane Pontier

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  • Anonymous - 2002-11-07

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    Xmess, would be a great thing to add to this.

    The main problem I have is that I use Linux, and ClrMamePro,
    or Rom Center don't have Linux binaries to run, only
    windows. I am not going to install Windows just to check my
    roms or to have a program fix the roms.

    I know you have worked hard on GXMame, but if GXMame could
    do it all, it would also save on people having to download
    other programs. The features I mentioned are part of
    gRustibus which seems to be abandoned now, and doesn't ever
    look like picking up again.

    But this is your baby, and I am just the person telling you
    what your baby should wear, and maybe I should butt out, but
    maybe you could take this in for a real think about.

  • Stéphane Pontier

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    try to use romalizer or another script like that if I
    remember, they are in the contrib folder of xmame.
    I think I heard someone successfully us romcenter with wine.
    I prefer to write a rommanager separate from GXMame cause it
    will be usable with other emulators (for users) and easier
    to debug (for me).
    I know that it could sound as I dont want to add new useful
    features in GXMame but I have different project in mind and
    don't want to mix them all, of course from an end user, this
    sometime could sound strange as long as all these projects
    are not launched.
    anyway, thanks for all your suggestions and bugs report.


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