#48 gxmame invoking xmame with bad option?

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Hi; I have a Debian sid box with xmame 0.82.1 (compiled
by me) for X11 installed, and gxmame-0.34b (from the
.deb file in the gxmame downloads area).

When I run xmame directly everything works fine: the
games start in a window of whatever size, based on the
resolution of the game and any horizontal/vertical
modifiers I've set (for most older games 3x3).

When I run gxmame and start a game, every X window that
pops up has an identical size, regardless of the
underlying size the game wants. Further, the display
is all whacked inside there, where it often seems to
only use part of the window and the graphics are
basically multicolored snow.

It has something to do with the settings that gxmame is
passing to xmame, because if I cut and paste the
command line gxmame prints with all the arguments, I
get the same behavior when I invoke xmame.

Anyone have any idea what (of the 40 or so parameters)
would cause this, and how to stop gxmame from passing
it along?



  • Nicos

    Nicos - 2004-08-27
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  • Nicos

    Nicos - 2004-08-27

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    Can you send me the gxmame command line that causes the issue?


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