Module Loading Error

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    First thanks for the great job!
    After add validation lib, when run application in hosted mode, I got module loading error,

    Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/opus_dev/…/war/WEB-INF/lib/gwt-validation-0.9a-without-hibernate.jar!/eu/maydu/gwt/validation/client/'

    Line 38: The type ValidationProcessor cannot be a superinterface of DefaultValidationProcessor; a superinterface must be an interface
    Line 426: PROPERTY_NAME_LOCALIZATION_PREFIX cannot be resolved

    I've check the configuration, it looks fine. Could you please have a look

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've used v0.7 before, it worked well, now I am upgrading to v0.9, after update the code for DefaultValidationProcessor, then I got this problem.

    Thanks again

  • Anatol Mayen

    Anatol Mayen - 2009-10-30


    Are you sure that you are only having the one gwt-vl jar in your classpath?
    It might be that you have v0.7 and v0.9 together and that v0.7 is first on the classpath so that it uses the ValidationProcessor class from v0.7 (back then it wasn't an interface) and the DefaultValidationProcessor vom v0.9 (was introduced somewhere at v0.8).

    Could this be your problem?

    Kind regards, Anatol

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanks for the prompt feedback.

    This problem has been fixed.

    Actually the problem is from GWT compiler, in /lib/ folder I have v0.7 and v0.9 jars files there. In eclipse, it is fine for compilation. However, for gwt compiler(I mean, using gwt's ant build script to compile/build/hosted), you have to physically remove v0.7 jar file.

    Thanks again


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