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gWaei Vocabulary, Morphology, and Indexing

The final release of gWaei 3.2.0 came out today, and work is under way for gWaei 3.4.0! gWaei 3.4.0 will have the most user visible new features in a long time so I invite you all to check it out!

The most visible feature with be the new vocabulary window. There will be a small plus symbol next to each word you search so you can easily "bookmark" them to study later or export to another program such as Anki without it being intrusive.... read more

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2011-12-20

Release of gWaei 3.1.0b1

After a lot of hard work this is a new version of gWaei! The largest change is that the code has been rewritten to be strongly object oriented. The largest visible effect this has is that you can now open multiple search windows while using the same application instance. There have been a lot of preferences added and readded. The interface has also been tweaked to be more Gnome3-ish with a primary toolbar style on the search bar.... read more

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2011-09-11

First Public Binary of gWaei for Win32

Real progress has been made on a usable native gWaei binary for Windows. It still needs some love, but it means the worst of the port is over. I am currently looking for someone who wants to be a Windows port maintainer. If you are interested and ready to learn, I would be happy to have you aboard. Just contact us through our IRC channel or email me.

What is still missing from the Windows version are:
- Spellcheck support through libsexy/enchant
- Preferences which will become possible once the code is ported to GSettings from GConf
- Proper multithreading during searches
- Various polish issues... read more

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2010-11-06

gWaei 1.0 is One Step Nearer

The Japanese-English dictionary program for Gnome, gWaei, has had version 0.15.4 released today. It fixes a few things and adds a bit more polish. I can feel 1.0 getting nearer and nearer. My goals are almost complete which are to 1: make it compile on Windows and 2: fix most bugs and oddities.

I have had a landmark number of people helping by pointing out bugs and fixing things. I want to thank those people, and hopefully we will get to 1.0 soon. :-D If there is anyone out there, especially those who could help with the Windows port, jump on board. If I don't have to find a machine with XP installed on it that I can tinker with, the easier my life is.

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2009-03-30

gWaei 0.12 bring NetBSD compatibility

The newest version of gWaei has been released. It has been tested with with Fedora and NetBSD this time, bringing it's portability up.

Other improvements include new dictionary update functionality through rsync, a bunch of bugs fixed in the preferences dialog, more syntax highlighting, and an improved help manual.

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2009-01-10

gWaei 0.11.0 is out.

The Japanese-English dictionary program, gWaei, has had a new release! The nicest change with this release is the automatic searching for hiragana/katakana versions of results when possible. This includes converting romanji queries, meaning you can squeak by if you don't have a Japanese input method installed.

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2009-01-03

gWaei no longer crashes with non-japanese locals

Yes that is right. It should be the last major bug effecting many people. Some other large changes in the program is a built in and integrated Kanjipad, and configurable dictionary download source settings.

Hopefully some people find this program useful. A lot of work has gone into it. It's most enjoyable if you know something about regular expressions to get the most out of the search engine.

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2008-11-29

gWaei is now Ubuntu compatible

I feel a bit guilty it took so long to make my deb Ubuntu compatible. I suppose the biggest reason is I didn't have access to an Ubuntu box for the longest time. It's a bit wierd just how different linux distrobutions are. I had absolutely no problems on my Gentoo box with the same program code.

Since my Ubuntu install is in a virtual environment, I was able to do much better testing than before. I could just restore my Ubuntu image to a pre-installed state to figure out if everything would go fine when starting from scratch. The Ubuntu testing helped me to figure out where to make my code more robust, where problems were, and what distro abnormalities to look out for. Because of this, the quality of the source tarball is also much better.... read more

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2008-11-26

gWaei 0.8.0 now using Automake

Moving the install infrastructure to automake was an important step for the gWaei project. This should help make keeping the language po files up to date much easier. A nice bonus is the install process shoulb be more portable as well.

In user-land, the most visible changes are the disappearance of of the red section headers in the results box and the disappearance of the toolbar.

The headers were way too distracting and made quickly scanning the returned search results difficult. The results are still ordered into the sections (and a little more so with this release), it's just the fact isn't bludgeoned onto the users heads anymore.... read more

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2008-11-24

A bit more polish for gWaei

Very much a recommended release for anyone who has already installed this program. This update adds some nice polish and integration with the gnome desktop on a lot of little things.

I like the new icon which is a book with some japanese symbols. Unlike the previous icon, it gives the users a clue of what the program is. It's not perfect, but it is a huge improvement.

On the techinical side, searches are now at least twice as fast because the searches now retrieve more than one line from the dictionary file per main loop.

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2008-11-18

The start of a project

Welcome to the gWaei project page! I'm Zach, the maintainer of this project. I have been coding this dictionary program for the last few weeks with plans of having it be a good modern replacement for gjiten.

Things left to do before doing a stable release:
-Make printing work
-Make the default translation consistently English instead of a mix of Japanese and English.
-A bit more code cleaning
-Better help page.
-Better logo/icon that fits better with tango
-Try to make search faster... read more

Posted by Zachary Dovel 2008-11-12

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