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gwcalc-0.3.3 released

2010/06/04 v0.3.1
- Correct detection of errors in number format
2010/06/10 v0.3.2
- Added option to stay-on-top
2010/06/11 v0.3.3
- Added the 'Light' minimalist mode (no keys)
- No need to restart gWcalc to modify appearance.
on 'Ok-ing' preferences, changes will take

Posted by John Coppens 2010-06-13


This is the first public release for gWcalc!
gWcalc is a front-end for Kyle Wheeler's excellent command-line scientific (and programming) calculator. My contribution is this GTK+ based user interfase.
The calculator understands many functions, has loads of pre-defined constants, and can input and output in decimal,
octal, hexadecimal and binary notation.

Posted by John Coppens 2010-06-04