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New version GvRng 1.8.2

In this release a nasty bug in the world builder was fixed.
Now the worldbuilder draws all the dots inside the world map.
Also the color used for the dots in the worldbuilder was changed.

Posted by Stas Zytkiewicz 2006-07-02

Version GvRng GTK 1.7 released

Version 1.7 of the GvRng GTK is now available for download.
This release adds a lot of functionality that still was missing like
keyboard shortcuts in the editors, viewing the lessons and printing
the world and program files.
The robot status is now also displayed in the statusbar.

Posted by Stas Zytkiewicz 2006-05-08

GvRng GTK version 1.6.1 released.

Version 1.6.1 of the GvRng GTK is now available for download.
This release adds Spanish and Catalan language support. A number of bugs in the GUI
were fixed.

Posted by Stas Zytkiewicz 2006-04-27

GvRng GTK version 1.5 released.

Version 1.5 of the GvRng GTK is now available for download.
This releases fixes a number of bugs in the worldbuilder and also
adds more functionality to the worldbuilder.
It's now possible to set the arguments of the different world related statements.
The syntax highlighting is also fixed and it works now in all supported languages.

Posted by Stas Zytkiewicz 2006-04-23

GvR is dead, long live GvRng !

GvRng, which stands for GvR Next Generation, is a redesign of the original gvr to make it easier to maintain and more stable then the old one.
From a users point of view the biggest change is that GvRng uses GTK as it's GUI and GTK Sourceview as the world and program editor.
The latest version is 1.4.
The drawback is that GvRng is no longer Windows compatible.
Window users can use the old gvr which is based on wxPython.
There are plans to create a Windows frontend for GvRng.

Posted by Stas Zytkiewicz 2006-04-22

GvR 0.9.0 release

Moving in the direction of the internationalization of GvR, language support has been added for Dutch. More languages are on the way.

Also, the numerous Windows bugs have now been fixed making GvR truly cross platform. Download the new release now ->

Posted by Paul Carduner 2004-01-31

wxPython hackers wanted

The Linux version is in good order but the windows port has some known issues that appear to be a result of wxPython. If anyone has the time to help us with this, drop us a line.

Posted by Paul Carduner 2003-07-18