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V 0.98.0 released

New version is available!

Posted by Ruslan Shelekhov 2002-04-25

GVM V 0.98.0 is coming...

New version features:
- Support of ClassLoader-s (Java2 like. the only incomplete feature now);
- Advanced debugging output extensions even in Java code;
- New concept of control Java objects life-time from native code;
- Perfomance improvements;
- A lot of bugfixes;
- A lot of small changes.

Will be available at the end of April/beginning of May. Stay tuned ;)

PS. And welcome the second GVM project member - morgoth!

Posted by Ruslan Shelekhov 2002-04-11

V 0.97.1 released

New version features more Java2 compatibility and bugfixes.

Posted by Ruslan Shelekhov 2001-12-29

GVM 0.97.0 released

New release have more optimizations (with average +20% of speed) and bugfixes.

Posted by Ruslan Shelekhov 2001-12-25

GVM 0.96.0 released

Generic Virtual Machine (GVM) is embeddable JavaVM for C/C++ projects. Based on Waba JavaVM bug with very big changes for optimization and usability.

New version features major speed improvements (up to %30!) and a lot of bugfix, as usual ;)

Posted by Ruslan Shelekhov 2001-12-20

V 0.95.2 released

GVM V 0.95.2 introduces new native code features, more Java2 support and bugfixes

Posted by Ruslan Shelekhov 2001-12-05

GVM project started

Generic Virtual Machine, the embeddable Java VM for C++ frojectsu under Windows 9X/NT platform is started. First release V 0.95.1 is uploaded. People that want embed GVM into own projects is welcome for testing and suffestions.

Posted by Ruslan Shelekhov 2001-11-21