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New release. stop.
Project not dead. stop.
Fixed some bugs. stop.
See Changelog. stop.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-06-13

gvcd 0.0.4

Is out in all its lack of glory. If you want it, get it. If you don't, you probably wont even read this.

Now with extra crud. The version can create vob files. It does require mplex from mjpegtools though.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-11-16

VOB streams

The code in cvs can produce VOB streams that can be used in the creation of DVDs.

The audio is 5.1 channel AC3. If anyone is interested, I will put in an option for 2 channel mp3 (or mp2). But some feedback would be appreciated.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-11-15

Is anyone using gvcd?

I was wondering if anyone was actually using gvcd on a regular basis? If so, I will be more likely to do more development on it.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-10-06

0.0.3b Bugfix release

With the changes to the mencoder parameters a bug was introduced that caused frames to be dropped and possible a/v sync problems in the stream

This version fixes that

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-09-08

gvcd 0.0.3

Version 0.0.3 is out.

What's new:

Better stream output due to different mencoder params.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-08-31

100 users

well, on the 21st April, not even one month after hitting 50 downloads, the 100th download has occurred.

The next version will be up soon, it will incorporate CBR encoding which, on my DVD player, gives better playback.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-04-27

GVCD 0.0.2

Version 2 is out if anybody is interested.

that is all

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-03-30

Just a quick note...

... to let everyone know that this project is not dead. I have put some small changes into cvs (even though cvs says there is 0 commits), and I will be releasing another version soon.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-03-30

50 users - PARTY!!!!

Well, there is about 50 people world wide who use GVCD. Myself, and 49 downloads. So I decided to do a bit more work wrt setting up this project.

I have just added two public mailing lists gvcd-devel and gvcd-users. Feel free to subscribe and use these lists.

If you have improvements or suggestions, send a patch or comment and I will look into it.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2004-03-24

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