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development status changed

I just changed the development status to 'alpha + beta'.
What this means?
Gvbox is alpha software, because it doesn't include all planned features yet.
And Gvbox is beta software, since it's already very useful and beats other vbox clients in functionality. Also it seems to run quite stable, but wasn't tested widely enough to say it's already stable software.

Posted by Daniel Elstner 2001-03-06

It's done: Gvbox 0.3


there you are.
I suggest you just check it out and visit http://gvbox.sourceforge.net/ for some information about new features and other details. The ChangeLog is also worth a look.

Posted by Daniel Elstner 2001-03-04

Gvbox 0.2 is out now!

Gvbox 0.2 has some new features now.
There is the support for vbox controls and and an improved user interface. Also some bug are fixed yet.
See the Changelog for details.

Posted by Daniel Elstner 2000-11-09

Upcoming Gvbox 0.2


Gvbox 0.2 will be released in a few weeks. This version will contain a couple of improvements, merely to allow better customization of the app's look. Also there will be some little features to provide a nice and intuitive feeling.
Part functionality: the next version will allow you to set the vbox controls, such as starting/stopping the answering machine and immediately answering of an incoming call.... read more

Posted by Daniel Elstner 2000-10-17

Gvbox 0.1 released!

It's done!
I've wrestled many hours with autoconf/automake and there is it!
Note: This is an alpha snapshot. If you're not interested in making some nasty experiences, wait for a production release.

Posted by Daniel Elstner 2000-09-28

Work is going on!

As you can see at http://gvbox.sourceforge.net/ , there's now a screenshot available.
Most tasks are solved and the main work to do now is building preferences dialogs etc. After this I must become familiar with autoconf/automake and I will release the first package soon.

What you can do until the first release is available? Configure your vboxd!

Posted by Daniel Elstner 2000-09-06

Let's go!

Hello world!

Now I start coding on my new project gvbox.
Sorry, it's my first real project and I will need a lot of weeks before I can release the first alpha snapshot. At the moment I'm heavily at work, but I try to rearrange my scheduling ;-)

Posted by Daniel Elstner 2000-07-25

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