Final 1.61 beta, now with "MRU" list

  • John Gruenenfelder

    Hello again,

    A couple of hours late, but here's the "Independence Day Beta" of Weasel 1.61:

    The new changes/features/fixes from the Changelog:

    * Added a directory stack so Weasel now remembers the previous list selection when you browse back to the previous directory.  It's a very simple method, however, and Weasel will not, for example, select the correct entry if Weasel starts in a directory three levels down and you browse to the parent directory because the directory stack will be empty at that point.

    * Bugfix: If you had >160 documents in any one location, Weasel would try to allocate to much memory for the index and crash.  Weasel now uses an alternate method of allocating space for the index array and the limit is now around 12000.

    * Add a "Most Recently Read" list to Weasel which tracks recently read documents.  The list may be found in the root level of the index browser.  It keeps track of the last 10 opened documents.  This number can be altered in weasel.h to something higher/lower.

    * Bugfix: When importing a doc from VFS to main mem, Weasel would fail with the wrong error message if a doc with the same name already existed in main memory.  Weasel now falls back to readonly mode in this case.

    * Added a 16bpp hi-res logo for the About dialog and removed the 8bpp hi-res logo.  The 8bpp hi-res logo doesn't look very good and most devices that can display it can also do 16bpp.  The only downside is that the 16bpp logo adds 42K to the size of the PRC.  But... devices have so much storage these days.  And you can still turn it off in the Makefile.

    The directory stack and bugfixes weren't too much trouble.  Most of the work was getting the MRU list working properly since the code made a lot of assumptions about where documents were located in the index data structures.  Most of those assumptions are gone (or at least changed) now.

    I've also added a new "action" to the choices for key mapping.  Along with returning to the index, you can now have a button jump straight to the MRU list instead of wherever the index previously was.

    Please test!  This will probably be the final beta before the 1.61 release.  I'm contemplating adding support for regular text files (i.e. files on memory cards with .txt extensions).  I don't *think* this will be much extra work, but then I thought that about the MRU list before I got started.

    Ideally, since Weasel already requires zLib to function, Weasel could display .gz files as well, but they are not compressed like zTXT documents and it would require creating an uncompressed temp file somewhere in the expansion memory.  Also, most users are probably not familiar with .gz, but rather with .zip files.  I don't really want to write code to parse zip headers and then have to make an educated guess about which file inside the zip to actually display...

    Happy Independence Day to all US Weasel users!

    --John Gruenenfelder

    • Alice Taylor

      Alice Taylor - 2008-07-05

      I really like the Most Recently Read. Thanks!

      One other thing I've run into. "No action" for the App buttons really does no action, nothing happens at all when I press them if I'm reading a doc. I have to exit to the index in order to quit weasel (although I've discovered as a workaround that if I bring up the system find window, then the buttons work). Is there a way to make them act like they're supposed to (exit weasel and bring up the application they're associated with)?

      • John Gruenenfelder

        Oops.  Yes, that's definitely a bug.  Fortunately, due to the way events work in Palm OS, it will be easy to fix.  I'll definitely have the fix in the 1.61 release and it should be in the SVN repository soon.

        --John Gruenenfelder

    • Alice Taylor

      Alice Taylor - 2008-07-06

      something seems to have gone wrong with reading docs off the memory card. Every time I try, I get the "Error Opening Document" message "An error occured while trying to open the requested document. This should normally never occur......."

      I've deleted Weasel_DocInfo_DB and the Weasel_MRU_DB file, but it's still happening on every doc on my memory card. Reading from main memory works fine.

      • John Gruenenfelder

        Indeed.  I guess I should stop working on this so late at night.  :)

        Thanks for the quick report... not sure how I missed such a glaring problem.  It even made my device crash instead of giving an error message.

        It's fixed now and I've replaced the PRC at the above URL with the fixed version.

        --John Gruenenfelder


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