There's a new 1.61 beta available and now you can customize what the various keys and buttons do in the document view form.  You can grab it at:

This version *does* have some changes to the internal preferences format, so the internal version number has been incremented (to the correct 1.61 value).  You should still be able to downgrade, if you like, but it will zap your settings (same as when you upgrade).

From the change log:

* Add a user adjustable key mapping for the DocView form to let users decide what keys should do.
* Add a Key Prefs form to allow changing of the key map.
* Removed autoscroll pause/resume feature because it was tied to a particular hard button (app button #2) and cannot be easily generalized to the key key handling layer.

The following buttons can be assigned actions:
  up, down, left, right, select, back, jogdial-push, and application buttons 1-4 (at the bottom of most devices)

Some buttons are consolidated.  Up/Down buttons, 5-way up/down, and jog dial up/down keys are all the same thing as far as Weasel is concerned.  Most devices only have one set anyway, so it shouldn't be a big issue.

These buttons can be assigned one of the following actions:
  scroll up
  scroll down
  open the menu
  open bookmarks popup
  view/add annotation
  return to index
  cycle display font
  cycle rotation angles
  enable autoscroll
  toggle fullscreen mode
  toggle copy mode

The old (undocumented) autoscroll toggle/pause feature was tied to application button #2 and relied on checking the current key bitmap to see if it was being held.  Unfortunately, because of the horrible mess that keys are on Palm OS devices, not all keys support this ability.  Rather than add a bunch of code for special cases for buttons which *do* support this and those which don't, I have removed the feature to make my life easier.  Hopefully this won't bother too many people.

Also, the "scroll up" and "scroll down" actions you can assign to keys are just generic up/down scrolling commands.  You still control what exactly a scroll up/down does in the scroll preferences form.  For example, if you want "Left" to scroll up with context, set the action for "Left" to "Scroll Up" and in the scroll prefs dialog, set the up button method to "Up a Page w/Context".

--John Gruenenfelder