#59 weasel reader crashes on doc

Weasel (130)


I have repeated crashes with a text in doc format,
symptoms are as follows:

- a line is repeated two to four times
- as long as I go forward it's still ok
- when I page back to such a page the Palm freezes
and needs a soft reset

weasel reader 1.56
makedoc 0.7a
Palm m505 with PalmOS 4.0
68VZ328 VSerDrvr v 3.5
(I don't know if that one's interesting?)
SysZLib from plucker and 113-7 show bothsame problem

The text is Shakespeare's Henry VI from Gutenberg with
a lot of DOS newlines.



  • J�rgen Stuber

    J�rgen Stuber - 2002-02-24

    Logged In: YES

    Seems to be the DOS (CR/LF) style line endings,
    without the CR problem goes away.

  • John Gruenenfelder

    Logged In: YES

    I don't think it's actually a problem with the CRs, or if it
    is, then it's a bug in the converter, not Weasel.

    Most likely, the problem is a badly made DOC file. There
    are a few converters which make very badly broken DOC files.
    The way I read the specs, all text records must be the same
    length (except the last one). For DOC files, this is
    usually 4096 bytes. The broken files I have seen do not
    adhere to this. This causes many problems for Weasel, since
    it assumes that the record size given in the DOC header is

    The current CVS version of Weasel now checks for this and
    warns the user that continuing will likely crash Weasel.

  • John Gruenenfelder

    • milestone: --> devel
  • John Gruenenfelder

    Logged In: YES

    Is this problem still occuring with v1.57?

  • John Gruenenfelder

    • status: open --> closed

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