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Another Nightly

Update was uploaded today. Added a brand new debug console, and support for paragraphs was implemented.

Posted by Omer T 2007-03-02

Recent Updates


I just finished reading Alice in Wonderland on my iPod and have a bunch of updates to incorporate to the script.
I'll probably update the list here before I start working on it.

Posted by Omer T 2007-02-22

The Gutenberg-to-iPod Convertor Development Shall Begin.


As things stand right now,
I have a semi, lame working version at home.
[I'm using it to read Alice in Wonderland at the moment thankyouverymuch].

My next steps are,
- figuring out how to publish files,
- cleaning up my home version and publishing that first alpha version,
- figuring out how to publish code portions [CVS - usage.]
- publishing the current code.

Then I can start hitting my 2do list.... read more

Posted by Omer T 2007-02-08