compiling on macos 9

  • arnold blaine

    arnold blaine - 2003-02-24

    I'm a newbie to macos compilation and Metrowerks so apologies in advance for any, uh, newbie-type questions.

    I'm trying to compile the libxml2 libraries on a classic mac with CodeWarrior 7 and the latest GUSI 2.2.3 CW 7 libraries. However, I get to the stage where I'm missing ssize_t declarations in the socket.h library. I can't find this declaration anywhere on the hard-disk. Does anyone know where this declaration should be?


    • Dave Evans

      Dave Evans - 2003-02-25

      It's the signed version of a size_t. On OS X I find a definition in /usr/include/sys/types.h which is:
      typedef     _BSD_SSIZE_T_   ssize_t; 
      _BSD_SSIZE_T_ varies by architecture, but the ppc/ansi.h file declares it as #define _BSD_SSIZE_T_  int

      But that's from the headers installed with Apple's Developer Tools CD for 10.2. I would expect the same definition for ppc on OS 9. I don't see a ssize_t definition in the mac headers of my codewarrior 8 install though, but there is one on the win32 side. Sorry I don't know why, CW might not have a complete set of primatives which are common in unix land. You may need to  migrate things from unix land occasionally to compensate.

      good luck,
      dave evans


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