Moving towards the Clouds

Thanks to the latest release of gUSE/WS-PGRADE, from now you can send your applications to run on cloud resources.

The gUSE/WS-PGRADE v3.6.2 provides you a new solution to directly access the clouds without brokering. You can also run your jobs on cloud resources by only using a valid user name and password to the corresponding cloud service.

Behind the scenes, the direct cloud access solution is based on the job submitter DCI Bridge distribution (the capability of job forwarding from master to slave DCI Bridge): the master DCI Bridge – that directly connected to gUSE – forwards the jobs through the Amazon EC2-based frontend service to the slave DCI Bridge – located in the cloud. Technically, the master DCI Bridge started - by the EC2-based service – a Virtual Machine that was created from an earlier saved image, containing the properly configured slave DCI Bridge.

Thanks to this new development, you can use cloud in the WS-PGRADE portal as ordinary resource type: you can create, configure and submit workflows just the way you always do.

More information:

Portal User Manual, chapter 21 within Menu-Oriented Online Help
Admin Manual, chapter VI
DCI Bridge Manual, chapter 2.18

Posted by Tibor Gottdank 2014-01-31 Labels: EC2 Cloud

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