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quick bugfix

Sorry about that, but there was a bug in GunFu Deadlands V 1.01. I just fixed it quickly, a friend of mine tried the game just some minutes after I uploaded it. The current "V1.01" (uploaded this morning) is the correct one.

Basically, the bug made the main protagonist appear in the title screen after some seconds, and the two blue guys go and kill him. He should not appear at all. Fortunately not too many people downloaded the files, if you did so please re-download.... read more

Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2011-10-04

Gunfu Deadlands V1.01

Hello! Two years have passed... time flies! I'm glad to see that the game has had quite a success. I surpassed the 10K downloads, it was reviewed on several sites, some people have even posted youtube videos, and it was recommended in a book! like, on paper! Thank you everyone!

As per request, I have updated the source code recently. Löve2D is a library still on development, the current version I have in my computer is 0.7.1. Somehow this broke the compatibility with the sourcecode of Gunfu Deadlands. What I posted today is an update of the sourcecode (that is, only the .love file and the source zip), also I created a git repository that you can use to get the sources if you want. The old source is in the v1.0 branch, the new in the master branch.... read more

Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2011-10-03

GunFu Deadlands 1.00 is out!

At last, version 1 is here. I just uploaded the files right now. A lot of work has been done polishing little details, trying to make the gameplay even more fun. And there's a Level Editor now. I hope you enjoy it.

Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2009-12-17

Mac Binary

Thanks to Bill Meltsner, one of the developers of the Mac OS X version of Löve2D, there is now a binary of GunFu Deadlands 0.90 for Mac. He packaged this version of the game and sent it to me, I am very grateful to his help.
Since I don't own a Mac myself, I can't test it, but I hope it works just fine. Thanks a lot, Bill.

Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2009-11-04

Going viral

There has been a lot of action during the past week. After having posted a link to it in the TIG Forums, GunFu Deadlands appeared in ( ). It has also been featured in JayIsGames ( ), PlayThisThing ( ), ByteJacker ( ), Softpedia ( ), Softonic ( ), and other websites in italian, portuguese, spanish, czech, russian and chinese. I want to thank everyone who has played and liked the game and shown their support. I am very grateful to all of you.... read more

Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2009-11-02

GunFu Deadlands 0.90

Yay! Finally I made some music for the game. It has taken me a lot of time experimenting with various music trackers, and I needed the inspiration to find a base melody to work with. I wouldn't call it extraordinary, but at least there is some music now. If you find it too repetitive or boring just turn it off by pressing "M".


Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2009-09-20

GunFu Deadlands 0.89

I uploaded a new version of the binaries, fresh from the SVN. The new features are:
- Pause mode
- Fullscreen mode
- Hard mode

I also replaced the default project web with some very basic document I wrote. It actually was kind of hard to make the thing work, because somehow the index.html file had the wrong permissions, and I couldn't find any indication of that in the sourceforge website. The only solution was to connect via SSH and change the permissions (+r for everyone!). Now it shows properly.... read more

Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2009-09-12

Working on it!

So, I've been working on this game during spare moments through the month of August. Now it's nearly finished and I am starting to show it to some friends, so the can test it.
The current version (0.88) still lacks music, but I've added a reload feature. There are a couple minor "bugs" (some info missing in the title screen and something wrong with the reload samples), which are solved in the SVN. Once I get some more feedback from the people who are playing I'll upload a new version of the binaries.... read more

Posted by Christiaan Janssen 2009-09-09

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