I am connecting a PALO43 (with OMAP3530 in it) to an ADS1278, via SPI.
In the 3530 I am polling for GPIO146 tied to /DRDY, a data-ready line from 1278.
When DRDY is low, I start SPI clock and MISO acquire.
Data can be seen on the MISO line, coming from 1278 into 3530.

However too much time (4 us) elapses between /DRDY and clock and acquire.
Data longer than 3 bytes can be thus squashed by the next /DRDY.
It's faster to trigger clock and acquire through an interrupt.
The TI document spruf98d.pdf in page 3457 writes how to make a GPIO (here GPIO146) interrupt-enable.
When I write an interrupt function, what declaration ties the awakening of this function
to the interrupt-enabled GPIO146?
In other words, what should I do to write an interrupt function tied to GPIO146?
Ion A. Beza.