I want to develop 3g video telephone APP using opencore 3g-324m
I had compiled sucessful Opencore in android 2.3.4.
but how to write Opencore data stream into modem?

In android source code:

} else if (s_device_path != NULL) {
2035 fd = open (s_device_path, O_RDWR);
2036 if ( fd >= 0 && !memcmp( s_device_path, "/dev/
ttyS", 9 ) ) {
2037 /* disable echo on serial ports */
2038 struct termios ios;
2039 tcgetattr( fd, &ios );
2040 ios.c_lflag = 0; /* disable ECHO, ICANON,
etc... */
2041 tcsetattr( fd, TCSANOW, &ios );
2042 }
2043 }

'/dev/ttyS' should only be wrote AT command or read respone by Ril.

OK,in that way, how to write Opencore audio and video stream into

On 3G video telephony, After write AT command : "AT+CBST=134,1,0",
the 64kbps Circuit exchange links will be established.

then how to read data from 64kbps Circuit exchange links or write
has it hardware address or device name or descriptor, or something
that can mark it ?

I'll appreciate it very much if you can help me to solve this problem

Thanks all