If any of you are interested in using the MOOS robotics platform with Gumstix, Kyle Fazzari has done some work in this area.  See the message below.

- Ian

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From: Kyle Fazzari <kyrofa@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 1:48 AM
Subject: [Moosusers] MOOS and MOOS-IvP BitBake Recipes for Gumstix
To: moosivp@lists.csail.mit.edu, moosusers@lists.csail.mit.edu

Hello all.

    I have been working on getting MOOS and MOOS-IvP on a Gumstix
Overo Air and Earth. I wanted to let these lists know of my success
and also how to do it in case anyone else is interested.

    I was able to create BitBake recipes for both MOOS and MOOS-IvP.
Both MOOS and MOOS-IvP were taken from the trunk of MOOS-IvP (svn
revision 2490), and a very slight modification is required to build
MOOS-IvP (credit goes to Chris Gagner for finding that).

    The recipes are available via anonymous SVN, or you can write
your own. For more information about either option, I typed up a quick
walkthrough: http://nessie.rainveiltech.com/page/CreateMOOSIvPPackage
. I hope this helps someone!

    Kyle Fazzari

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