Yes, all basix and connex platforms with the Infineon Bluetooth Module option include the rubber duck bluetooth antenna.

We'll ship one out to Chris.


At 9:21 AM +0100 2/4/06, Martin Bøgelund wrote:
On 2/4/06, Chris Sears <> wrote:
I bought and received a gumstix basix 400f-bt (and a robostix).
Shouldn't it have come with a Bluetooth antenna?
I have to make another order anyways for some other stuff,
and I'd order the antenna just to get it soon, but the Bluetooth
antenna isn't for sale on the accessories page.  How can I get it?


I think that some time ago, all bt enabled  gumstix came without the antenna, and all buying info clearly said that you had to remember ordering one if you were going to need it, but now I can see on that the basix 400f-bt is specified as having:
"Infineon Bluetooth Module
(includes antenna)"

So maybe you should just contact them and say you didn't get yours.




Don Anderson