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these are good questions. We can build the gumstix platforms (basix and connex) with either 4MB, 8MB or 16MB of flash. We offer products with 4MB or 16MB (called XM) at this time. Higher flash memory levels are not possible on the platforms due to engineering limitations.

With the current product line offering a single ethernet (etherstix) and a single compact flash (cfstix) expansion board for the connex platform, it is easy to predict the near future with expansion boards of dual function that offer etherstix-type function with either a second RJ45 jack, a compact flash adapter or an mmc adapter for a range of connectivity and storage options.

gumstix, inc.

Some more stupid questions about memory (tell me if I should ask for it elsewhere, perhaps should it be in a FAQ) :
- Is flash localised inside the CPU ?
- What is the max memory size (flash) the CPU can handle ? is 16Mo already the end ? (and the max that can be put on the gumstix)
- What can we do if we want more memory (with MMC or CF) AND ethernet (for exemple)
- Is there a good official way to add rights on the MMC ? (ext2, ext3, jffs2 should be good ..?)
2005/7/28, Richard T. Stofer <rstofer@pacbell.net>:

The most recent build I have made (R527) has root_fs_arm as 2950428 bytes

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I agree--trouble is I can't get the xm for a while in the connex 400 Mhz-bt.


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