Awhile ago, I made that posting below into an FAQ in the wiki:

Have now added a link from the hardware section of the main wiki page to this FAQ.


At 1:07 PM -0500 11/13/05, Craig Casey wrote:

Somebody posted this a while ago.  The screws on here seem to keep the boards together quite well.s

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After weeks of living in fear of frying my gumxstix by
inadvertantly disconnecting powered up components
(okay, I wasn't "living in fear", more like
"concerned") I purchased a variety of 0-80 screws,
washers and nuts from a model railroad supplier
Due to the terrific manufacturing tolerances (at least
on my boards) the screws essentially self-tapped
through the provided holes.  I.e., I did not have to
use a compilcated arrangement of nuts to secure each
board as the screw passed through it.
I used a total of three screws placed as follows:
1) I used on 1/4" screw through the hole on the netMMC
card located above the default stuart port used for
RS-232 connectivity. I did NOT need secure it with a
nut after passing the screw through the gumstix.
2) A 1/2" screw on the backside (opposite side of the
ports) of the stuart, through the gumstix, exiting
adjacent to the MMC card.  I placed a washer and nut
on this screw to stiffen things slightly, but it
wasn't critical.
3) A 1/2" screw on the backside (opposite side of the
ports) of the stuart, through the gumstix, exiting
along the edge of the netMMC card opposite the power
Advice: either shim, or firmly grip, the cards so the
spacing is equal around the edge (none of the cards
are flexed) when the screw passes through the next
card in line as the spacing will be fixed when it does
When time allows, I will post up a URL to some
digitial pics of my (primitive) arrangement. Securing
the boards, however, was a huge improvement. I can now
handle the arrangement with cables connected and it is
quite sturdy.

---------------END QUOTED MESSAGE--------------
On 11/13/05, J Silverman <> wrote:
Hi All,

I got myself a nice gumstix connex board with the
STUART and NetCF boards.  However, I found working
with the gumstix with the two other boards attached is
a bit difficult as there's nothing to hold all three
boards together, and I fear I might accidentally pull
it apart while its on.  I'd like to attach all three
boards together to provide better stability and/or
even make a case for it.  Does anyone have any
suggestions for fasteners and/or cases?

J Silverman

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