Good news,

It seems as though the problem I discussed above has been fixed, so if I get some time in the next little while (I won't set a firm date), I will prepare the verdex files.


On 25/01/2008, Andrew MacIsaac <> wrote:
Hi Mathias,

I originally intended to have the verdex OpenOCD support ready, however unfortunately other things have taken priority for now.  The main issue that prevented me from preparing the verdex scripts and configuration files at the same time as the connex/basix ones was a problem with OpenOCD not properly connecting to the PXA270.  I posted the following thread describing the problem on the OpenOCD forum last month, but have not received any replies:

There have been numerous updates to the OpenOCD source code since then, so if I get some time I will see if this issue has been resolved.  I've updated the wiki since things might not be ready before the end of January.


On 25/01/2008, Mathias Bage <> wrote:
Dear list,

Under the section "Reflashing Procedure"  in the wiki page

it is written (I quote):

   ".... (the verdex files are still being developed, and
   will not likely be available until sometime in January 2008):"

Now most of january has passed.  What's the status on the Verdex OpenOCD

  Mathias Bage

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