I really attempted to do my homework before posting to the list... we'll see how well I did.

I'm interested in interfacing an analog LCD with the gumstix. Specifically, displays like this one:

I realize that this isn't natively supported, and so I went looking for existing solutions. The closest off-the-shelf component I could find
was the product line listed here:

This is really not what I want, since I desire more colors, and true graphics capability... I want much more than a fancy rs232 terminal.

I know the standard solution to this problem is probably to go get an LCD with a controller that just works. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any good available LCDs for my application, so I'm stuck figuring out how to drive an analog one.

I'm mainly looking for an off-the-shelf board which would allow me to drive an analog display from the digital interface available on the gumstix machine. The controller from an existing LCD package might be an acceptable solution if a compatible one could be found. I'm not realistically likely to design and fab a board using the manufacturer's driver IC, and I'm certainly not in the market for $3k dev kits. An ideal solution would be scalable to higher resolution displays.

Anyone have any words of wisdom that would allow a quick and easy fix? Maybe a not so quick fix?