I really interesting in put a LCD touch screen connected to my Gumstix,

I made a research already in the mailing list and found almost nothing regarding LCD with touch screen

I have the Gumstix connex 400 Intel XScale® PXA255 400MHz 64MB SDRAM 4 MB Strataflash already,

And with absolute sure I still need to buy the expansion boards, my doubts is witch expansion board I really need to buy,

For what I discovered and were explained to me I need to buy the:

breakout-gs: in order to connect the LCD

Audiostix: because of the LCD controller that I don't have in the XScale PXA255

And the LCD touch screen: in my case until now that is the choice Panasonic EDMGRB8KJF 7.8" Color STN Touchscreen LCD (http://store.earthlcd.com/s.nl/sc.7/category.137/it.A/id.1027/.f) is there another option?

I just don't have idea how to put it together,

I shall connect the LCD in to the breackout-gs following some rules

my doubt is when or where I shall connect the Audiostix.

And were passed to me another option,

If I use the gumstix with XSCALE PXA270 that came with LCD controller already I don't need the expansion boards.


Am I right in some thing or I'm complete wrong and shall give up of the idea to put touch screen lcd with gumstix!?

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