I am having a very odd problem with using python on gumstix.

Here is what I have done:
 - downloaded the most current buildroot
 - changed the make file to include python
 - flashed my 200xm

The problem is that when I import any standard (ie: time, termios, etc)  modules into python it crashes with a Segmentation fault error.

However, if I then start python again, without rebooting, the same import works.

Here is a simple program to demonstrate this problem:

import time
 a = time.time()
print a
This is error that is printed using the python -v option
# python  -v test1.py
Python 2.4.2 (#1, Apr 28 2006, 12:09:09)
[GCC 3.4.5] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
dlopen("/usr/lib/python2.4/lib-dynload/time.so", 2);
Segmentation fault

Now if I run the program again it works ok (it also works with the -v option):

# python  test1.py

Let me know if this question is more of a python issue then a gumstix problem.


Peter B.