I too have basically the same issue. Im trying to connect an ADC to McBSP4 in a chestnut board. Is there documentation somewhere for the McBSP library in the kernel? Or even better, is there a kind sole out there who has a char or block driver wrapper for the McBSPs? (I guess similar to spidev?)

-Alex Stewart

On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 5:45 AM, ___Alex___ <alexeymavrin@gmail.com> wrote:

There were many questions regarding connecting ADC to Gumstix overo using
SPI. I am new to GUMSTIX and OE so I just want to summarize all peaces
I am going to use McBSP(in SPI mode)/DMA to handle data from ADC (27MHz
My questions are:
1. How to enable McBSP1 (as I understand McBSP0 handles audio Palo43 ext.
board) and associate it with real pins? What files in kernel image I have to
2. Is it right what I have to write my kernel module even though I am going
to use mcbsp.c driver?
3. This is pretty common task, is there some examples available? Again I am
new to Gumstix))) Or may be some documentation on mcbsp.c/ mcbsp.h drivers?

Appreciate for help!

Best regards


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