Hi all, I'm trying the i2c-test program, but I'm having some troubles with i2c.
gs 200xm connex (2.6.18 gcc 3.4)
robostix (programming jumper done)
tweener (modified, I get the console correctly)
I've loaded the i2c-test with the AVR-PG1 and PonyProg, blue led on the robostix slowly blinks. Removed i2c-dev and i2c-pxa correctly, run i2c-test and got:
gumstix: SCL 1 SDA 1
when I press space bar I keep reading the gumstix line and I dont see
the robostix line.
If I load the i2c-io program and try the i2c-io info command I got a "exhausted retries" (timeout) error.
I'm probably missing something obvious... any idea? Thanks!