Hello everybody !
I'm a future new gumstix user, and have some questions about it :
- Where can I download the makefile for gumstix ? When I try here : http://docwiki.gumstix.org/index.php/Sample_code/C/Hello_World it asks me for a password and login.
- Can I compile my projects using the IDE codeblocks in windows ? Is it possible to use the gdb debugger with it ? If no what free software should I use to code with a debugger (free softwares prefered, can be a linux one too). Is there some sort of emulator that allows you to test your codes directly on your computer, without sending it to gumstix ?
- What's the type of the obtained binary once compiled ? elf ? Are arm-elf-gcc.exe and arm-elf-gdb.exe good to obtain a gumstix binary ?
- I made a c program that I'd like to implement on the gumstix, do I need to change the used librairies/code or is it the same ?
I'm sorry for these newbie questions, but I never developped on embedded plateform, all of this is new for me.
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,