Eh, I'm not trying to advertise other products, and I have zero financial relationship/interest, but Neuros also has a device you might want to consider that's currently under very active development, the "first open-source Linux-based embedded media center". Check out the OSD at


On 4/29/07, Wladston Viana <> wrote:
Hey guys,
Well, I'm looking for a multimedia files server for my home. standing there 24/7 as a print server, a multimedia file server, so can transfer data allowing real-time playback for musics and DVD-quality videos, in any computer on my home. Eventually, I would like it to act also as a http/ftp/mail server for personal/home /learning/testing/experimental purposes.

Looks like the gumstix is the best option for me, since I need a small and noiseless device that is easy to mount.
So my requirements would be :
*Ability to connect to my network (wired or wifi, maybe also both?)
*Ability to connect to my USB printer
*Ability to connect to an external hard driver (at least 30GB for the hard drive)
*Ability to transfer files fast enough to allow real-time video playback
Can you guys please help me to find a good option for my needs (a pre-mounted one ? with motherboard/extensions)  ?

I didn't understand how it works - you can buy a pre-mounted gumstix, and later on mount "expansions" on it ? Or I have to buy the separated motherboard,  extensions and case, and mount then when they arrive ?
I really appreciate the help and thanks for your attention,

Wladston Viana Ferreira Filho
Belo Horizonte - MG, Brasil
Computer Science student (UFMG)
Visit the project:

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