Hello all,
  I have a netstix200 that I added a waysmall board to help debug with.  My goal is to be able to use the CF to host the root filesystem.  I have re-flashed both the uBoot and rootfs using the factory images on sourceforge.   There are two problems that I cannot overcome:

1) At the uBoot GUM> prompt, issuing 'pinit on' returns "unknown card type" making it impossible to boot from a CF card.  Allowing the system to boot Linux, I am able to mount and read/write the CF card.

2) Attempting to mount images from the CF card with the command 'mount -t ext2 -o loop -o ro /mnt/cf/rootfs.img /rfs' produces the error "mount: Mounting /dev/loop0 on /rfs failed: No such device", implying the loop module has not been loaded.  The loop modules has been loaded and the loop devices appear under /dev.

Has anybody else seen these issues? I have been able to access/modify the contents of the 1GB CF card using both Windows and Linux PCs.