Hi Dave,
You're always forthcoming with your help, thank you very much!
I do indeed have a flashing LED on there that works at the moment. I have another Robostix that I have now programmed and got running so I know all the connections to my STK500 are working properly but no matter what I do I can't program the broken one despite it still running with its existing code. It won't let me set fuses either.
Thanks for your help but I'm sure it's doomed :(

2008/7/11 Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com>:
Hi Lee,

> I've been using a Robostix for quite a while now but for one reason or
> another it has stopped letting me ISP new code to it, I'm using AVR Studio 4
> which gives me the 'ISP MODE ERROR' window when I try to download code. The
> code already flashed on there works fine when I power it up though! Could it
> be a fuse problem? When I go to the fuse page none of the boxes are ticked
> and the bottom window says 'fuses address 0 to 2... 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF'.

That probably just means that it was unable to read the fuses (which
is done using the same ISP mechanism as programming it is).

Presumably you have a flashing LED or something to know that the
program on the robostix is running? If the robostix is running, then
that's generally sufficient to be able to program it, provided the
lock bits haven't been programmed. If those are programmend, then
you're out of luck.

The only thing I've ever changed in AVR Studio is the ISP frequency.
If your're using a real AVRISP, AVRISP II, or STK500, then you should
be able to change the frequency. It's under the Advanced Tab in the
programmer dialog (IIRC). Set it to something like 125 kHz.

Does your robostix have the headers on the same side as the components?

I assume that you've checked stuff like power to the robostix, and
that your programmer is plugged in to the PC, and powered on, and
plugged into the robostix.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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