They also provide a list of connected devices (If it's a linksys DHCP -> DHCP Clients Table). Also, you probably need the access point to be unsecured the first time you connect.


On 6/1/07, Dave Hylands <> wrote:
HI Nick,

>     I am a newbie to the world of gumstix but I'm really excited about
> getting started.  I received my first Gumstix package last month, a robostix
> connex wifi pack.  I put it all together and powered it up but have so far
> been unable to initiate communications with the system.  I am using Ubuntu
> latest edition with a wireless card on the computer.

Do you have a wireless access point? They normally provide a DHCP server.

You can connect up a serial port to the console through the robostix
as well. You need a voltage converter, like one of these:

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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