I sort of meant having a section on a already set up wiki (to avoid all the hassle of actually starting one) so instead of going to the main page the link is something like " http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/gumstixUAV:" . This'll make a start page and everything can work off there? Quite happy to sort it out...


On 11/11/2007, Sterling Peet <sterling.peet@gatech.edu> wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> There were mentions of putting together a gumstix focused UAV wiki -
> any progress in this? If not I don't see a problem with using a
> section of the UKHAS (UK High Altitude Society Wiki) - its got some
> stuff on UAVs already - runs docuwiki which has a good syntax. Or do
> we want to start our own?

I would love to see a wiki that is specifically gumstix based.


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