Your right, after thinking about it some more I agree, it would basically double the strength of the LSB making it more pronounced. Then on the gradient transition to the next significant bit it would become a non liner step. I get it, and thanks for feedback.

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 9:20 PM, Lenk Terenin <> wrote:

Not a very good idea. There are two problems with your approach:

1. when you tie lowest color bits anywhere except the ground,
you create funny non-linear responce curves, which may result
in severe color distortion, especially on smooth gradients.
You may draw the response curve to see what I mean.

2. if you are really desperate to connect lowest color bits
anywhere except the ground, you should use the _MSB_ bit, not
the LSB bit. Again, draw the response curves and see the

Hal Glenn wrote:
> I was just doing some schematics for my gumstix expansion board when I
> noticed that on the Console LCD boards Gumstix just tie the unused LSB
> colors to ground. I believe it would be more effective to tie them to
> the LSB used of the appropriate color. That way, when displaying black
> they are all off, and when lets say red, they are all on. Take it or
> leave it, I had done this on another board I designed for the freescale
> MX1 chip a few years ago and seemed to work fine. Granted, I doubt
> anyone could actually tell the difference.

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