Hi Craig,
Many thanks for the quick response!
Sorry to be a pain but how can I disable root-squash?  (Some quick googling results were a bit ambiguous)
In the mean-time, since we're 8 hours ahead here in the UK, I've left a build running overnight that doesn't create anything in target_skeleton and will only rely on an entry in device_table.txt.  However, the comments in device_table.txt seem to suggest that the directory/file must pre-exist before device_table.txt is processed so my build is probably in vein.  Lets hope you're correct about root-squash.
Thanks again,
On 8/7/07, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
On Aug 7, 2007, at 12:05 PM, C D wrote:

> Thanks for your recommendation but unfortunately it has not
> worked.  Should I use the device_table.txt file exclusively and
> hence remove the user home directory under target/generic/
> target_skeleton/home?

Hmm, it could be that root-squash is happening after the
device_table.txt file is being processed or something.


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