There were a bunch of Verdex boards shipped out with a defective file system image. On these boards the Ethernet (and CF) doesn't work inside of Linux (but it will work inside of U-Boot). You may have one of these boards.
With that being said, once you can talk to the Gumstix and get into the U-Boot you can download a new file system image and you should be good to go. The FFUART is the correct one. Are you using 115kbps,  8 - N - 1 with a Null Modem Cable?

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I have not yet managed to get my verdex board to aquire an ip from a dhcp server.
Tried waiting some time, different dhcp server.
The board seems to startup, since after some time I do see blinking of led5 of the net-cf board.

Since this is not getting me much further I figured I could use the breakout-vx to see the console.
But simply connecting a connector to the FFUART does not do the trick, can anyone tell me what is needed here?

Thanks in advance..