We have also got the same problem as Rohit(We use connex 400xm board and we were able to boot after reflash and after a powering down/up we got this problem), now we were not able to connect through either hyper terminal or kermit. have anyone got the same problem and/or have you solved it.

Rajender D

On 3/9/07, Rohit Chaudhri <rohit.chaudhri@gmail.com> wrote:
I upgraded my gumstix connex 400xmbt with the latest buildroot (the
latest I got as of today morning that has the linux 2.6.20 kernel).
The upgrade procedure seemed to have completed successfully and I was
also able to boot into linux from the U-boot prompt. However after
cycling power on the board, now I'm unable to see anything on the
hyperterminal window so am unable to do much and can't even trap into
U-boot's serial console to recover from this :(. I also notice that
the board starts to heat up pretty quickly now. Any ideas what might
be happening here and how I could recover from this?
For doing the upgrade I used hyperterminal to trap into the bootloader
serial console and downloaded the image using tftp. Before erasing the
flash I protected the 2 bootloader sectors. Basically I followed the
flashing instructions from:

When I did an erase all, I did see a message saying that the 2
protected sectors will not be erased, so I'm pretty sure that the
erase all command didnot erase the bootloader. However, I do not
understand why I'm unable to see anything on the serial console. I
have tried switching my host machine and also have used another
gumstix board on the same machine using the same STUART. So it seems
that this might be a problem in the hardware of the board that I
Could any one help me out with this problem? If there are other ways
to troubleshoot this problem, please let me know.
I bought this GumStix board about a month back, so its fairly new.
Since I've had it, I have flashed the image 3 times & have never seen
such a problem.
Would appreciate any help regarding this.


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