Hi Rob,

Since it's an XM and not an XM-BT, do you have a bluetooth module?  I was able to shave off a great deal of time from the boot of my XM stopping the bluetooth scan and initialization (since I don't have a module anyways).  I simply moved S30bluetooth out of /etc/init.d...have you already done this?


On 6/6/07, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
On Jun 6, 2007, at 6:09 AM, Dave Hylands wrote:

> Hi Rob,
>> I know this has been covered to some extent previously, but here
>> goes ...
>> My issue is with the boot speed of a connex 400XM, it has U-boot
>> 1.1.4
>> (shipped version) buildroot ver 1424 (was shipped with1161)
>>  From boot I have a 2 sec U-boot interrupt window (press any key ..),
>> 18 sec JFFS2 scan, and 8 sec linux boot
>> I'm looking for time savings in any of  these areas. I have seen the
>> posts describing loading the uImage from a separate flash
>> partition and
>> will try this
>> are there any other things I should be doing, and is a 3 to 5 sec
>> boot
>> time really achievable?
> Loading uImage from a seperate partition replaces the 18 second JFFS2
> scan with a much smaller (1-2 second) load of the kernel.
> A big part of the 8 second time is still scanning JFFS2 when it
> mounts. Replacing that with a read-only file system like cramfs will
> further reduce the boot time, and perhaps having a small wirtable
> partition for storing stuff that really changes.

...and depending on what you mean by "boot time", mounting the rw
partition only after you start everything else up (ie re-order the
stuff in /etc/inittab maybe) might get you to a login prompt before
the system "waits" to mount the rw filesystem.  Note the JFFS2 will
take a while to mount even when read-only, since the scan is building
up an in-RAM list of all the valid inodes, since stuff later in the
FS image can "overrule" stuff that's physically earlier.


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