Hm, that complicates things slightly.  How easy is it to interface to MySQL through C/C++ (or what else would you recommend that the Gumstix supports)?  Right now, I have a perl script grabbing inputs from a GPS and pressure sensor which then dumps the data into a text file.  I'd actually like it written in realtime to a MySQL database on another machine though.


On 6/4/07, Jeff Stoner <> wrote:
On Sun, 3 Jun 2007, Karthik Balakrishnan wrote:

> I'd like to access a MySQL database on another computer using the Gumstix
> and its implementation of perl.  The wiki notes that the Gumstix uses
> microperl, but I can't seem to find info about microperl and SQL.  Will
> standard perl functions for writing/reading to/from SQL databases work, or
> are there other steps I have to take?

I've not tried but I don't think this will be possible. Microperl is used
in building of Perl during the bootstrap process. It doesn't have support
for the DynaLoader module - which is required for the DBD::mysql driver.


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