Hm...the GPSstix page should probably be updated then:

Image says "antenna included" when it should probably read "antenna not included".


On 4/25/07, Dave Hylands <> wrote:
> Which GPSstix?
> The old GPSstix require a passive antenna, unless you mod the GPSstix
> board.  The new GPSstix require an active antenna capable of running
> on 3.3VDC.
> I have an old GPSstix, and have been using a Seavey 0310-814 GPS- AJ
> antenna - probably much more expensive and way too big for most gumstix
> users.  BTW, it works great! ;)

Another data point:

I have this active antenna from SparkFun:
and I'm using a modded old GPSstix.

It also work great. The cable is nice and long, although the antenna
has a magnetic mount, so you need to be careful where you put it ( i.e.
not next to your credit cards)

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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