I am using an EarthLCD EzLCD001, which is 160x120 (2.7"), but they have a 320x240 model as well. Is it about $400, but with it you no longer have to worry about creating the connection between the LCD and gumstix as it easily runs over serial. If you have a Verdex with USB host you could update it much faster that way. The only downside here is if you want a bona fide GUI (more than just simple text and shape display). I have spent about two months making my own windowing toolkit for the EzLCD-001, so be aware of the time investment.

On the other hand, getting a regular panel up to 640x480 with good documentation, you could run it directly from the PXA's on chip lcd driver and then just setup a frame buffer and QT for a real development environment.If I had the time, I would have taken this route. As an example the screen I bought was $159 with controller from EarthLCD, but if I bought it from Electronic Goldmine without a controller (still new) it would have been $10 on sale.

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On 4/30/07, Demetris Zavorotnichenko <fgcity4652@cytanet.com.cy > wrote:

Could anyone suggest a nice LCD for Gumstix in the resolution of 320x240 or something close to that. (Widescreen would be better)


And where I could purchase one?


Earth LCD has a number of them but they are all a bit THICK and Almost all LCD's are ither Larger than 320x240 or Smaller J


I'm looking something in the size of the PSP LCD. Hor a HandHeld Device.

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