Hello again,

I have a verdex xm4-bt/robostix combo and am trying to add another device to the i2c bus. This device is a ultrasonic range finder and it's i2c address can only be specified between 224-254 (0xE0 and 0xFE). After reviewing the i2c code it appears that only 7-bit address are supported 1-127. I do not wish to break compatible with i2c-io running between the gumstix and robostix, is there a quick and dirty hack I could do to accomdate this device? I've gone through the i2c-api.h, i2c-dev.h and so on but I am stuck at the i2csetslaveaddress/ioctl functions and trying to modfiy these.

Any help as always is appreciated, thank you for you time,
-Shawn Cymbalisty