I have been following the tutorial http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Robostix_gumstix_ISP and am stuck at the building the robostix driver section. I am using a Verdex XM4-BT motherboard, with a tweener (with the trace cut) sandwiched between a robostix. I have connected the corresponding jumpers and run the make file to produce robostix_drv.ko. I transferred this file to the root directory and ran "insmod robostix_drv.ko" and now see the robostix entry in the "/dev" directory. I try to execute "robostix reset pulse" but get the following error "-sh: robostix: not found". The buildroot version is new and the kernel version is 2.6.21gum. Is there something in the make file I need to change for my processor, could it be because the jumper cables are loose? Any help is much appreciate as Im not a linux expert.

Once again that you for all your help,
-Shawn Cymbalisty