Hi Gumstix users,

I'm trying to get SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer, see http://www.libsdl.org/) to work on my gumstix equipped with an LCD (Sony ACX705AKM running in 240x160 16-bits). The framebuffer itself is woking. I can display an image (ppm file) on it and I also got a very basic framebuffer library called libFB to print text, lines, and other primitives.

The SDL package can be included in the build root but it doesn't build right off the trunk. There is a reference to PAGE_SIZE that has to be swapped with sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE). Otherwise the SDL library builds fine and the test applications provided in SDL builds successfully with the arm-linux-gcc cross-compiler. One of the test applications (testvidinfo) prints information about the supported graphics device. Here is the output when I run it the gumstix:

# ./testvidinfo
Video driver: fbcon
Current display: 16 bits-per-pixel
        Red Mask = 0x0000f800
        Green Mask = 0x000007e0
        Blue Mask = 0x0000001f
No available fullscreen video modes
Hardware surfaces are available (75K video memory)

The output shows that there are memory available for a HW surface and it supports 16-bits-per-pixel. The problem is that if I try to initialize with the following arguments:

SDL_SetVideoMode(240, 160, 16, SDL_HWSURFACE);

I get "SDL_SetError: No video mode large enough for 240x16". I've also tried to initialize with 8 bits, SW surface, fullscreen, etc, but I get " SDL_SetError: No video mode large enough for 240x16" regardless of what I specify.

Has anyone successfully got SDL to work on their Gumstix. Or, is there any other graphics library available for the Gumstix similar to the SDL library. All comments are welcome.