Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone could help me on this one. To start with, I don't have a network connection on my gumstix. That said, I need to get gphoto2 on to my gumstix to snap a few pictures using a USB we camera. I tried including gphoto2 in the recipe for gumstix-basic-image (gumstix-basic-image.bb) and rebuilt everything. This appeared to work, I had gphoto2 on the gumstix. I could auto-detect and it would find my camera, get info, etc. The problem came when I tried to capture a preview using the --capture-preview switch. On my laptop and desktop this produces an image called sq_cap.ppm in the current working directory. But on the gumstix, I know it's taking a picture and transferring data to the gumstix (via the display on the camera) and the program reports that it saved it as sq_cap.ppm. However, this file is nowhere to be found on the gumstix. Does anyone know of either:

1. A way to get gphoto2 on the gumstix (probably via serial connection) without getting caught in dependency hell? (I encountered this my first time around couldn't bitbake a few libs or find a package that provides them)

2. I have a Linksys Etherfast 100M USB network adapter that uses the RTL8150 driver. Does anybody know how to enable this driver and build/install it onto the gumstix? (probably same install method as mentioned on gumstix.net?) The thought here was to just pikg install gphoto2 from the gumstix and have that work...