THANK YOU! I had been trying to use 'rz' on the gumstix and 'send' with kermit, but had not 'set protocol zmodem'. To those reading who maintain the getting started (hello world example) wiki this info should be added for those newbies like me who might be in this same boat. The wiki makes it sound as though if you don't have a network connection your up a creek.


On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 1:57 AM, Matt Robbins <> wrote:
Hi Mike,

I've tried setting up (unsuccessfully) a z-modem transfer as mentioned in other posts, but ckermit just shows errors and no files are actually sent to the gumstix.

 You may have tried this already, but if you're using ckermit, you need to:

kermit > set protocol zmodem

and in order for that to work, I believe you need to have lrzsz installed on the host machine.  If that's all configured, then it should be as simple as running

> rz

on the gumstix, and then

> send path/to/file

from kermit.


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