I am using an RJModem with my Gummy and it works great!
They have both a 5v and 3.3v as well as TTL or RS/232 versions.
I'm using the 5v TTL version with my Robostix via the STUART
uart pins. Just using Tx/Rx/Vcc/Gnd only. Have to lower the baud
rate down to around 9600 since there is no flow control and without
that things will get barfed up. Aside from that, works great.

For my Verdex, I will switch to using the 3.3v TTL version since
the breakout board for the Verdex will be putting out 3.3v signals
on the STUART port instead of pushing it up to 5v like the
Robostix does.

They can be purchased now through mouser.com and here is
the site for the company that makes them:


There is also some discussion about this stuff in the mailing
list archives from when I was trying to get it working. You might
search there for more info.

Hope this helps!
(and good luck!!)


On 9/26/07, Xander Scrima < xanderscrima@gmail.com> wrote:

My name is Xander Scrima and I was wondering if anyone has ever interfaced a GumStix system with a telephone modem either via a custom expansion board or a third party external modem? If you have any experience with this I would greatly appreciate any information you could pass along.
Thank you for your help,


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