Hey everyone,
Is there a particular pin header out there somewhere that will fit into the
LCD  holes in the breakout-vx? They are not at .1" like all the rest of
the holes in the board, they appear to instead be spaced at 2mm apart
and the two rows are offset. I've found some 2mm pin headers at mouser.com
and can buy single row headers and solder in two of those, but I thought
that maybe the board was designed with the offset holes like that with
a certain pin header in mind already or something.

Also, as for the signals along the back side of the board (opposite the
usb mini-b connector), how many of those are safe to use for GPIO's?
I've found a couple of references in the wiki and mailing list that makes
me think that for example the MOSI, MISO, FRAME, CLOCK, PWM0, PWM1
BITCLK IN0, IN1 signals have GPIO numbers associated with them.

Since MOSI and MISO are associated with SPI, I didn't know if that
might somehow tie into the cpu and do nasty things if I tried to use
them as normal GPIO lines. The signals behind that are of course
for UARTs so those are no-brainers.

I guess the bottom-line question is, aside from the LCD signals on
the breakout which I know are safe to use for GPIO, which of the
other signals on the breakout may also be safely used for GPIO?