Thanks Craig, sounds good. :-)

Has anyone tried doing this as yet?
If so, I'd be interested in hearing what all you had to do to get it working.


On 7/12/07, Craig Hughes <> wrote:
On Jul 11, 2007, at 9:32 PM, Pat Winn wrote:

Would it be safe to assume that the Verdex has a real time clock onboard, but
as with the Connex and Basix boards, there is no battery back up for it? with the other boards, turn it off and the date resets back to the epoch?

One change on the verdex vs basic/connex is that we now expose on the new 24-pin connector a backup-battery connection which can be used to power the RTC while the verdex is "off".  To understand how to use this, refer to the docs for the TPS65020 PMIC which we use on the verdex.

This leads me to wonder, if using a Verdex board and a breakout-vx together,
since the breakout-vx has a battery connector, could that be used as a battery
for the real time clock or is it only (I would assume) for battery power for the
system itself?

That's for the system itself.  You need to attached to the specially designated pins on the 24-pin to power the RTC independently of the rest of the system.

Just wondering if I would still need to use an external ds1307 RTC from
if I migrated to the Verdex platform.

No; you shouldn't.  It might be easier to use though -- you might need to modify stuff in the bootloader and/or kernel to get the on-SoC RTC stuff working right.


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